The company vandeWinckel-UMS was founded in 2019 with the purpose to offer solutions to companies active in Urban Mining. The Urban Mining industry is everything related to the extraction and separation of (valuable) resources from solid material flows defined as end of life.

Thijs van de Winckel holds a MSc degree in Applied Earth Sciences at Delft University of Technology with a specialization in extractive metallurgy. After graduation in 2008 Thijs worked for 11 years with Inashco BV (Blue Phoenix Group since January 2020), a company active in recycling of incinerator bottomash. In the years with Inashco Thijs held various positions and developed specialisms in plant design, plant optimization, project management, business development and metal sales.

With an educational background in extractive metallurgy, mining and mineral engineering the urban mining industry is a very interesting and challenging environment to work in. From that perspective my personal vision is that the urban mining will have an increasingly importance to meet the increasing world wide demand for metals. As there will never be a world without waste both the producer and consumer should be responsible for the proper recycling of the end of life product and close the loop. Each day new products are designed and therefore the waste of tomorrow will be different from the waste of today. To be able to recycle the waste of tomorrow innovation is key to success.

My mission is to create simple and effective tools for my customers to keep innovating and improving their current business. Key in my approach is to align with company values and health, safety, quality and environment.